You' ve finally made it to the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm and now it is time for the best trails and tours. Technical problems with your mountainbike? That's what you don’t need now at all. Or maybe you have not brought your own bike because you would like to test the newest material on site? The Bike experts in Saalbach Hinterglemm will be there for you. In Saalbach Hinterglemm we have numerous shops, rental centers and service stations, where you’ll find the best service, help in case of technical problems with your gear and the newest material on the market.

Let us show you the “secret spots”

The bike experts on site are not just there for advice on good material but also give you useful information where to take your bike and about the new gear you’ve just bought. On guided tours or on some “guides trail rides” you will get to know every corner of the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm. AND the local guides and technique trainers let you take part in their expertise and experience about the best riding style in the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm. Our guides know the most beautiful tours and routes and show you some secret spots in the bike region No. 1 in the Salzburger Land.

Great support just in case it' s needed
  • The guys in the Bike n’ Soul Shop know every corner of the Bikecircus. They have lots of experience and only use the best material.
  • At Gumpold Mountain Sports you’ll find much experience and expertise too
  • Sport Hagleitner, directly at the Schattberg Express fixes your bikes at all times
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Have not brought your own bike?
  • At Sunbikers you can not only book guides tours- they also have good rental bikes
  • You will find the Rabbit Sports by Hasenauer bike rental in the center of Hinterglemm
  • There you can rent Bergamont bikes, which will take you to the Bikecircus trails
  • You' ll also find excellent rental material at Bike n’ Soul and Sport Gumpold
  • Special e-shops and e-rental-stations offer you e-bikes, if you need more speed and extra energy
Let us take you to the best trails and lines.
  • Guiding and bike school at Bike n’ Soul - they are real experts
  • Sunbikers offers guided tours and training camps for future experts
  • Reini Woisetschläger takes you “for a ride” at the Penhab bike school. Reini takes you for a ride and shows you that only hard workout and training takes you further up the mountain
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Some more interesting facts for you

  • Up to 10 rental centers in Saalbach Hinterglemm
  • Special e-bike-rental-stations offer service and advice on e-bikes
  • Change your batteries or re-charge on certain spots in the valley
  • More than 5 guiding operators take you on the trails
  • Up to 5 bike schools show you “how” in courses, trainings and camps
  • About 10 bike shops offer service, sales advice, material and help
  • Just around the corner - Bikepark Leogang with shops, rental and bike school

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You want real expertise in your bike holiday?

You would like to meet others, to shop, to rent or to take part in guided tours or trail rides? The experts in Saalbach Hinterglemm look forward to meeting you soon. Go ahead and book your next bike vacation in the Salzburger Land right now.

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