In the morning- just to get started- a couple of runs over the Milka Line or the Blue Line. A fancy breakfast in your hotel is the basis. A rest at high noon in a cozy hut or cabin, before it’s time for the classic Hackelbergtrail or the Z-Line in the afternoon. Does this sound like an exciting mountainbike experience, you’ve been dreaming of for quite a long time? Stop dreaming. Your bike dreams will come true in the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm.

The best - in terms of mountainbike

400 km signed mountainbike trails, route details in maps and descriptions, 5 lifts and simply the best singletrails, which the Salzburger Land is ready to offer. There are quite good arguments to spend your next mountainbike vacation in Saalbach Hinterglemm, don’t you think? For the last 10 years the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm has become Austria’s leading mountainbike destination. Not only trails, lines and tours, but also high end bike hotels, amazing hospitality and outstanding service is waiting for your bikes and you.

These facts tell you why

  • 400 km of trails, tours and lines in the Bikecircus
  • More than 7 freeride lines
  • 1.000 hm freeride inferno on the X-Line in Saalbach
  • More than 10 singletrails for the best flow biking you can get
  • 25 signed and described mountainbike tours
  • At the pumptrack and the skill center you can learn how to do it
  • Bike guides show you the best spots of the area in guided tours
  • Bike hotels with an extra of service, friendliness and hospitality
  • 5 lifts and gondolas bring you and your bike to the mountains
  • Shops, service- and rental centers care for the best material
  • Meet and greet - famous bike events throughout the season
You want long bike tours in amazing mountains?
  • Get started at the Talschlussrunde - your kick off tour in Saalbach Hinterglemm
  • The tour to the Wetterkreuz is a little bit longer and more demanding - good trail to the Reiterkogel
  • The tour to the Schattberg Ost- & Westgipfel takes you to the highest point and to amazing singletrails
  • The Tirol Runde takes you to the neighboring region of Tirol
Bike 2014Daniel Roos 43
2014 Bike Tibor Simai c Nathan Hughes 29
You ride a big bike with lots of travel?
  • The Z-Line is a good mixture of flow, style and action
  • The X-Line is a demanding line with roots, doubles, waves and jumps
  • Evil Eye Trails, Pro- & Blue Line are classic lines at the Reiterkogel
  • inally, it’s time for the Hackelbergtrail, the Bergstadeltrail and the Bucheggtrail - simply the best
The ultimate mountain bike experience in one day!
  • The Big-Five-Challenge takes you “over all mountains”. 5 lifts for the uphill, the best trails for the downhill
  • HINT: ride an enduro- or all mountain bike - you also have to padell. There are steep uphill sections on your way through the Bikecircus. Take your time and enjoy your day. Use lots of travel on your bike - you want to have fun right?
  • The Big-Five-Challenge also takes you to the Bikepark Leogang. Hangman I & II are waiting for you and your enduro-bike
Bike 2014Daniel Roos 39

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In the calves twitches already?

You dream about the real-deal of mountainbike experience in the Austrian alps. Come, live your dreams and book your next mountainbike holiday in the Bikecircus Saalbach Hinterglemm. Mountains, lines, trails and the best tours wait for you.

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